The Dog Academy


Enjoy the Obedience Group Video, Sunday, 10am, 23.09.2012.
Owners and Dogs all enjoying a really good training session in the gentle autumn, Spanish sun.

If you're fed up with sitting around on a Sunday morning, same old, same old, why not put your 'Best Friend' in the car and come along to Centro Veterinario's Hospital site in Velez Malaga and join in the fun with Wendy and the other dog owners in the group.
There are Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Classes.
Levels to suit everyone.
  Obedience lessons can vastly improive your dogs well being and sense of belonging and security. He will automatically develop a much deeper sense of respect for you and your family. Dogs really do love coming to classes, regualarly socialising with their own crowd of friends in a safe and friendly environment.

Why not give it a try, what do you have to lose ?? Absolutely nothing, with so much for you and your dog
to gain.